Working from home? How do you claim for this

In this New World where many of us have had to adapt to working from home. Buying office furniture you have never previously needed, giving your internet a workout with something other than Netflix, and for those with children like mine, Youtube and Fortnite. But what does this all mean for us come tax time.

Tracking how much of our internet is being used in relation to working from home verse watching reruns of your favorite tv show on Netflix is going to be quite challenging. What about electricity? Can we claim for that, and if so, how much? To make it easier for us all come tax time, the ATO has provided us with a few alternatives. One of the important aspects of being able to utilise them however is to keep good records. Keep your receipts or records of purchases you have made, keep track of the hours you work and on what days.

All of this is going to put you in the best position to be able to claim the maximum you are entitled to.

Please follow this link to see more information on Employees working from home.

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