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Hi everyone,

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this uncertain time.

We wanted to take the chance today to remind people that at this stage ‘working together’ is still possible & encouraged, as long as it’s in safe and responsible ways, and that we continue to support each other. You can work from home but still work as a team via communication & remote work systems. Your work environment may look very different right now but if you’re still able to work and trade and produce, you're better off than many others in our Nation right now. Something I keep reminding myself of during times of frustration or overwhelm.

Many people's lives are being turned upside down with all that is going on, and under the circumstances we can see how this can lead to the every-man-for-themselves mentality. However, we believe, here at Elite, that by working together and supporting each other we will all come out of this in a better place than if we were to not.

A simple but important message as we navigate this unique time. Although we need to cleverly address our own needs, we also need to remember that supporting others, collaborating & pivoting with a team-mentality is what will propel us more!

We just wanted to remind people of this today. Buuut, maybe save the team building hand holding activities for another day (or year 😝)

And now onto a more Accountanty note, we have again updated our useful links page on our website, this includes the Treasury's latest fact sheet regarding the Support Measures for Retirees.

A number of other fact sheets have also been added that we believe will be very helpful to all of you, or relevant to your business networks or family members.

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